living in bali/ working on e-book + today's workout

Living in Bali / Working on E-Book + Today’s Workout

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At the beginning of the month I decided to pack up and go to Bali for at least the month of May. So far, so great. As of this week I’ve been able to stabilize my living situation and have been able to be more back on a grind. I’ve been working on an E-Book that explains how to adapt …

I Got Laid Off From Brandy Melville

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I wanted to document my thoughts and experiences on this blog to hope that they can parallel or benefit others in any way. I got ‘laid off’ Not many people know this about me, but I have worked 6 days a week as a general manager for two locations at the women’s clothing store Brandy Melville in Hawaii for almost …

Trying Something New

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I’m starting to see patterns. I have learned that just because I’ve been doing something for a long time doesn’t mean that I’m committed to it or that it’s not ok to leave/ change if it isn’t serving me anymore.   Change is necessary, you are doing it regardless of if you want to or not. Better keep in front …

Seeing good results with HIIT & Weights

Seeing good results with HIIT & Weights & Yoga

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Small update. Seeing good results with HIIT & Weights & Yoga. I honestly think the magic starts to happen when you commit to getting really sweaty when you workout & keep your rest periods in between sets to the minimum.   I learned some next level moves today in yoga sculpt that I don’t want to forget and share:   …

cutting the bloat/ water weight

Cutting the Bloat/ Water Weight

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I’ve noticed this past week that I’ve been holding on to a lot of water around my mid section & face. I looked back on some of my posts, esp this one (click) and tried some new things that helped me get rid of the bloat. Stopped adding extra protein to my smoothies (which I have experimented with before) – …

I Got My Personal Training Certification

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Hey Friends ☼ I’ve known for a while now that I’ve always loved health and fitness. I have a loud voice inside that is thirsty to learn more about the industry and help others experience the health and happiness that I have received as a result of proper nutrition and training. So I am happy to say that I am …

The Story of How I Tore My ACL

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So if you didn’t know… I tore my ACL in the end of December. I had surgery Dec 27, 2017 and I’ve been trying to get back to where I was pre op ever since. Here’s how it happened. About two years ago I crashed my moped and got pretty banged up. I ended up with lots of road rash, …

Priorities: How to Make Time for Yourself & Goals

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Ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about the word priority. What are my “priorities”… How to make time for my “priorities”… Here’s what I’ve learned. The things in your life that you can’t let go of, those dreams and thoughts that keep you up at night, that “thing” that comes to your head when someone asks you what you …

Baby Steps

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02/15/2018 Achieving a complete goal/ idea doesn’t happen overnight/ instantly. “Success is a series of small wins.” Can’t let my big dreams cripple my action by feeling too overwhelmed. It’s hard to feel motivated when where you are now, and where you want to be seem so far apart. This is my ease back in. Small steps, much like recovering …

cardio week, high carb- leaning out

Cardio Week, High Carb- Leaning Out

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Hey! Less protein, more cardio Last week I was feeling a little bulky and getting stuck in my regular leg workouts. This week was a lil switch up. I focused on getting less protein in, and higher carbs so I would have more energy to run. Instead of drinking my smoothie in the morning with my Vega / Garden of …