Seeing good results with HIIT & Weights

Seeing good results with HIIT & Weights & Yoga

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Small update. Seeing good results with HIIT & Weights & Yoga. I honestly think the magic starts to happen when you commit to getting really sweaty when you workout & keep your rest periods in between sets to the minimum.   I learned some next level moves today in yoga sculpt that I don’t want to forget and share:   …


Finding Happiness in the Little Things – Day 6

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04/29/2017 Today was rough. I had a friend remind me that sometimes it’s finding happiness in the little things that can turn your whole day around. She said, sometimes it’s your favorite song, or a smile…. you have to remember to look for the good even in a bad situation. Happiness is all around. That small sentence and positive energy that she …


Cravings for Sugar, Why am I so Hungry Today?: Day 4

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04/27/2017 I woke up today with crazy sugar cravings. I tried to assume my regular meal schedule, but I just couldn’t  shake the cravings. I kept thinking about ‘something sweet…’ specifically vegan donuts from Down to Earth. LOL, they are so delish. The reason I was craving sugar was because I hit it hard yesterday!! HELLOOOO- I did an intense …

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Gratitude and Spiritual Growth, Self Help & Yoga: Day 2

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04/25/2017 Fitness and food journal for today, I focused on spiritual growth and gratitude. I have found that going to yoga classes that incorporates weights satisfies my physical needs and my spiritual needs. You get to enjoy a nice warm up, and intense workout with muscle fatigue, and then a nice stretch/ cool down and meditation. The perfect blend. Today, …