5 Steps to Becoming Vegan

Vegan Starter Guide: 5 Tips on Becoming a Vegan

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It is helpful when first dabbling in veganism that you educate youself. This way when your friends and family ask you ‘why you are vegan’, or ‘where do you get your protein from,’ you will know how to answer. Forks Over Knives (Netflix) :¬†This vegan documentary focuses on the health benefits of a plant based diet. Through science and research, …

PB2 VS Peanut Butter: Which is better for Fat Loss?

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Here are the facts: I personally prefer the powdered peanut butter for fat loss based on its lower calories & fat. I also prefer the texture, it’s less sticky. However, the regular peanut better is a more ‘wholesome’ option. I have found other powdered peanut butters that are more ‘whole’ than the pb2 brand. Other sources argue that pb2 is …


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This workout has your cardio and your resistance training mixed together. When you do training in intervals like this it is called, HIIT training (high intensity interval training). You will do each exercise for 1 minute and have 45 seconds to 1 minute rest in between. YOU WILL GET SWEATY! Good luck Xx FITFAIRHY