5 Exercises that'll grow your booty and not your thighs

5 Exercises That’ll Grow Your Booty and Not Your Thighs

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Although you can’t spot lose fat, you can chose which muscles you want to grow. Learn how to get that Kim K booty without growing your thighs– I’ve got some tips for ya  ⇣
Benefits to growing a booty:

Glutes are the largest muscle in the body by volume
By focusing on working out your glutes, you will burn more calories throughout your workout because of the energy you’ll expend working out out such a large muscle group
Glutes are a key player in walking and running, which lessbehonest is pretty important in daily life
> Who doesn’t like a good bubble butt? 🙂

Training Specificity:

Instead of going to the gym and hitting the cardio and doing random weight training, you want to be very specific and mindful of what muscles you are targeting. This will maximize your results and help you sculpt your body into the proportions you prefer.

To grow your butt specifically you will need to focus on activating your glutes when doing all these exercises. If you aren’t focusing on flexing this muscle as the primary driving force to complete the movements, you won’t be targeting the muscles you want to grow.

What about squats?

Well, although squats are a great compound movement that engages many muscles, the primary muscle it targets are your thighs. We want to minimize the use of the thighs and maximize the use of the glute muscles.

1. Cable Pull- Throughs

⌲ Attach pulley to cable machine
⌲ Stand in front of the cable machine with your legs hip distance apart and step a few steps forward until there is resistance on the pulley (I would start with 20-30lbs and move the weight up or down according to your strength)
⌲ Bend at your hips and keep your knees slightly bent. Your arms should stay straight and you will thrust your hips forward while clenching your butt checks, making sure you are engaging your glutes

2. Hip Thrusters with Barbell

⌲ Grab a barbell and find a bench
⌲ Position your shoulders flat on the bench and bring the barbell over your hips
⌲ Bend at your hips and keep your knees slightly bent. Your arms will stabilize the weight and keep it from rolling when you thrust your hips up. Make sure you squeeze your butt checks at the top and pause before you move back down
⌲ Do not rest your booty on the floor in between sets

3. Cable Kick Backs/ Kneeling Cable Kick Backs

⌲ Attach ankle strap to cable machine and then attach strap to your ankle
⌲ Stand facing the cable machine on one leg, use your arms on the machine to stablize you.
⌲ With your weighted leg straight isolate your glutes by tightening them and push your leg up. Keep your back straight
⌲ For the kneeling cable kick back, use the same motion but stabilize yourself using a bench

4. Fire Hydrants

⌲ Grab a mat and kneel in a table top position
⌲ With your palms firmly planted, keep your leg bent and lift it out to the side while keeping your glutes engaged
⌲ OPTIONAL- can add weight in between your knee crease to increase intensity

5. Reverse Hypertensions on Bosu

⌲ Grab a bosu ball and lay on your stomach with your hips positioned in the middle of the ball
⌲ With your forearms firmly planted, use your glutes and abs to lift your legs off the ground

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