Running For Beginners: 6 Easy Tips to Motivate You

Running For Beginners: 6 Easy Tips to Motivate You

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Running can seem overwhelming at first. Here are 6 tips for beginners to help make the first step easier.

TIP 6 // Ease into it & Make it a daily Routine

Start with whatever cardio you like to do the best. If you are just getting into running, ease yourself into it. Start on the elliptical at the gym, or just walking on the treadmill. If you like to dance, start with dancing. Start with what you like, because if you like to do it, you will be more likely to keep doing it. Give yourself a small goal of trying to do 20 minutes a day of cardio of choice. Once you get a routine going, then amp it up and make it more challenging.

TIP 5 // Other sources of Motivation

Find something other than yourself that motivates and holds you accountable you to run. What I mean by this is find a reason you CAN’T bail on your cardio. For me it’s my dog. I look at her in the morning and see how much energy she has and I feel bad if I don’t run with her and help her burn off the energy. Another outside source of motivation for me is running with my boyfriend. On the days where I wake up and don’t want to go, he dos so then I have to go. lol. So find a running buddy, or sign up for a class!

TIP 4 // Tracking your progress

I found it super motivating when after a few weeks I was running further and faster without feeling tired. I downloaded the Nike Running app and it lets you know your mile time and distance. You can also connect with friends and see their stats. Just knowing that you are getting better is motivating in itself.

TIP 3 // Morning

This tip made such a difference in my ability to stay in a good cardio routine. Wake up 1hr earlier than you normally would and get your running done first thing. If you wait till later in the day or after work and your “life things” will get in the way and you will find reasons not to go. If you make it your first priority, then it will be easy to get it out of the way. In the morning you have less excuses/reasons why you can’t. It is also so refreshing/motivating to know that you are waking up to do something for yourself before you get on with your day. If you start with healthy choices in the morning you are more likely to make them throughout the day. I’ve found that running in the morning makes me feel more awake and clear minded through the day, there is nothing that compares. If I don’t do cardio in the morning I feel super sluggish. So the feeling of jumpstarting myself to have a better day throughout the day is what keeps me motivated.

TIP 2 // Good Music

Finding a good running/ workout playlist will make all the difference in your cardio life. For me what really gets me going are upbeat remixes that I can sing to. I feel like it’s hard for me to find time to make playlists so I have resorted to using various apps. My fav right now is called FIT radio. It’s pretty much all remixes and you can search by category of music. My favorite categories are high energy, hip hop and party. Here is a list go my top remixes:

pop // born this way: 130BPM
high energy // believe: 130BPM
hip hop // i’m worth it
hip hop // get buck
party // don’t let me down
trap //feel the vibrations- white owl
trap // feel the volume

This app does cost a few dollars a month, but they have a free trial so make sure you like it before you spend any money!

Another app I found useful was 8 tracks. It also has remixes and is easy to cruise around the app and find good mixes without taking to much time. You can search easily for artists or songs.
Try and always find new music and don’t listen to it unless you are working out, this way it will be an incentive to get you to running.

TIP 1 // Pre workout

So… C4 Ripped totally changed the game for me. Its like motivation in a scoop. My favorite is C4 ripped because it tastes good and does not have creatine in it. Creatine bloats your muscle and if you a lady you probably do not want this (check your labels!) This is the only caffeine I drink. One scoop in the morning 15 minutes before I run is perfect. It makes your body tingle and feel like it needs to move. I’ve found when its hard to wake up I think about how the pre workout gives me that little boost i need to get my ass out the door and then struggle seems less hard.


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